Robots on Wallstrip…ISRG and HNSN

Sometimes it only takes a few days for all-time highs to cause all-time high headaches. The cutting edge in medical robotics has been a wild ride DOWN the last few days. Nobody on main street seems to care, or even KNOW about these companies. I care. Wallstrip now cares .

I do believe we are in the very early stages of robotics in healthcare and consumer products. There have been great rewards so far in the surgical space, but the ROOMBA is not cutting it yet for investors in the consumer space. I think they will, but that’s a topic for another show (maybe all-time lows :) ).

Today we look at Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) and Hansen Medical (HNSN).

Here is what Hansen’s does:

Hansen Medical, Inc. (Hansen) develops and manufactures a new generation of medical robotics designed for accurate positioning, manipulation and stable control of catheters and catheter-based technologies. The Company’s Senseitm Robotic Catheter System, or Sensei system, is designed to allow physicians to instinctively navigate catheters with greater stability and control in interventional procedures.

I have been riding HNSN up since September (took some profits ) and now riding it down. I absolutely missed the ISRG craze and can’t bring myself to own the stock after missing such a big rise. I am human after all.

I bought back some HNSN shares today and blogged it. I like the entry knowing my stop is just below. Brian takes a look at the price action for you as well:

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