The Robots are Resting and the Great Bitcoin Recession of November 29, 2017 is Officially Over!

It is December 2 and I am headed out to golf with my friends in New Jersey this morning. I have Tiger fever on top of my crypto fever. Let’s just hope THIS does not happen to me.

A lot happened this week in the markets…but we learned most importantly that even robots have to rest.

Here is a look at the break the robots are taking right now:

The leader of the robot economy – Nvidia – is also resting:

While the robots rest, financials continue to act fantastic. An old time favorite of mine Schwab (I am long) continues to quietly put in all-time highs.

My guess is the robots wake up from this short slumber as Bitcoin and its brethren pulled through the great recession of November 29th, 2017. Bitcoin is back at all-time highs over $11,000.

Have a great weekend.

PS – This is really funny for many of you here reading about Bitcoin and shaking your heads!

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