Did the Robots Wear Out the Bears?

November marked the 13th straight month straight UP for Global markets. That is a record of course dating back 90 plus years of record keeping.

It would make sense if the bears were tired.

This weekend I mentioned the robots were resting. That continued today.

Here is Nvidia down another 5 percent

My friend Kimble had my fave chart of the day adding some context to the rotation underway at the moment from tech into financials and industrials.

This past weekend 2 am passing of the tax bill that only the lobbyists likely understand will get played out in the market as the money figures out and flows to the winners and the losers.

So far it’s mostly this banker dude winning…

Check out Schwab which I have been recommending on this blog forever:

Here is JP Morgan:

Life is not fair, but the markets are a place where you can watch unfair play out in real time and even own the people and companies you hate.

I am avoiding adding any new technology ideas for the time being.