Rules are Meant To Be Broken

I love this post titled ‘Limitless‘ from Sarah who has a blog called ‘The Delusional Trader’.

My challenge to you is the same challenge I brought to myself last year – change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. Break out of your comfort zone, loosen your stops, start a blog, reach out to people on Twitter you look up to – take a chance on yourself!
The second I started taking a chance, was the second my life began to change. I’m still just an average Jill, but previously shut and completely unknown doors are beginning to open. My mind is continuing to expand and my personal “Wall of Worry” is coming down like it’s June 1990. For now, I’m just a girl on a Greyhound bus, but maybe next year I will be writing to you from the Acela Express. #DailyDelusions

Go Sarah go!

I also like this investing thought from Ian:

Buffett does it his way while Schloss did it another way. Ichan does it his way while Lynch did it another way. Tepper does it his way while Andreessen does it another. The greatest investors ever have opposing strategies. Learn from all of them & don’t be afraid to be different.

In the comments was this Bruce Lee quote:

Use only that which works, and take it from wherever you can find it.

I googled ‘rules are meant to be broken’:

“rules are meant to be broken” means that if something has to be stated as a rule, it is something that is not absolutely necessary, but rather preferable. So while theoretically you would be better off never breaking the rule, it’s expected that you have a tendency to break the rule.

Have a great weekend.

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