Running of the Bulls scenario…

Oil down another $2 bucks, Gold Bulls being ridiculed and Apple has a yawner of an announcement but barely sells off. Most importantly, Goldman Sachs hosed their clients in record proportions for another great quarter. Canali suits on me boyzzzz.

The bulls are smiling today and I am glad to own some tech on days like today.

My favorite bottom fish of late has been NavTec (NVT). Punished, I have been averaging down and own some in the low 20’s bringing my average cost down to $28. Below the year lows and I skiddaddle. Seems to me that there business model puts there software everywhere GPS has to be so could be a good bottomfish.

My best reader comment of late that is really making me rethink my inflation scenario comes from young gun Eddie Daroza who blogs at The Rad Report (young punk says he discovered me – I think I have discovered HIM).

Eddie Daroza wrote:

For what it’s worth: totally agree with everything said except: Inflation. My wallet is feeling the opposite. I’m buying cheaper groceries at Trader Joes, cheaper clothes at H&M, I’m telecommuting half the time and stocks were half off all summer. If I still shopped at SWY, URBN, let me think, what other broken retailers are out there? Evolution. Could be a trend? Any thoughts. And I would really like to hear more of your inflation thoughts. Im considering STU. thoughts on that would be great as well.

Eddie is on to something. If you are under 20, borrow money from STU and never pay it back. Get a free iPod with your new cheap MacBook. Put some toilet and farting videos up on YouTube and make a gazillion dollars…. It’s cheap to be young these days and all kidding aside, Eddie is correct. The tools are available to live cheaply despite rising gas prices and a crap US dollar.

PS – Eddie – I have no opinion on STU except that it and First Marblehead (FMD) have a license to print money from what I understand. Check out Bank Stocks for good coverage on these two stocks. Tom Brown is generally – money! In fact, I am adding them to my blogroll along with The Rad Report.


  1. Eddie Daroza says:

    ALRIGHT!! Our first inbound link! Ahhh, to grow up. Thank you for the very kind comments Howard. Appriciate your reference to Mr. Brown. Will def check it out.

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