Salesforce Buys Buddy Media…Inconceivable! …Not!


I can only imagine the thrill of working through a deal like The Lazerow’s just completed.

I know the thrill of angel investing and being an entrepreneur. I know the thrill of having your company purchased. I have a hard time visualizing businesses (like Buddy Media) getting this big so fast, the outsized valuations of the day and the intensity of it all (I sell things too early…but not everything).

I was with Mike when he was brainstorming the original naming and ideas for Buddy Media back in 2007. Mike was/is very decisive. We picked a valuation out of thin air. We kept things simple and moved fast. We made cold calls to investors and raised $1.5 million. Lot’s of chinese dinners to convince VC’s was next.

I remember how bad I was at their Board meetings and how Mike and Kass just accepted that. They were in control. Later they asked me to step aside and make room for some real talent on the board. I said – ‘what took you so long’.

They grew, they stressed, they ‘shaped’ (some call shaping pivoting), they [email protected]#*ing sacrificed and now they are part of Salesforce $CRM. Salesforce is following my portfolio around it seems but I say this in a very supportive, non paranoid way.

I will get in to all my speculations about the landscape and strategy but for now, thanks to the Lazerow’s for just making all the sacrifices and good decisions.

These are magical times in entrepreneuring and investing.

Here is Mike’s take on the event:

PS – Thanks James Altucher for introducing me to Mike way back in the days….Social Leverage at work.