San Francisco With Family…Please Send Some Ideas

My wife and I are looking for some fun (kid focused) San Francisco ideas and restaurants for the fall break trip we are taking this week.



  1. Steve says:

    Monterey Aquarium and the Pumpkin Patch at Half Moon Bay.

    Of course you go take them to Napa and introduce them to some very nice Merlot :)

  2. Derek says:

    On the way to the Sonoma wine country is the Pumpkin patch and Corn maze in Petaluma. Huge family gig now through Halloween. Also, Raiders vs. Chiefs in Oakland, Sunday, 10/21.

  3. eddie Daroza says:

    There’s a great strip club on broadway with only asians. let me know if you need directions, i ususlly blog from there..

  4. HeatherLyn says:

    The Exploratorium is an awesome, fun, interactive museum and kids love it. Try to book an advance ticket for the “Tactile Dome” (see their website

    Also, Pier 39 is a great (but touristy) area. You can see sea lions barking and playing on little docks right next to it. There’s also a mini-aquarium that pales in comparison to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but is still pretty cool.

  5. Bruce says:

    Stick the wetsuits on and have the family do the Escape from Alcatraz swim. First one across gets to bunge jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.

  6. Chris LaBossiere says:

    Not sure how old the kids are, but Wifey and I did the Waterfront Segway Tour for 2-hours and it was fun.

  7. t smith says:

    Take ’em to Golden Gate park in SF. Just start exploring it is a great place. Gotta go down Lombard Street (crooked). A cable car ride sounds hokey, but for kids it is fun. The aquarium is fun. If you take them to Pier 39 they will never forgive you. They will be labelled as tourist wherever they go.

  8. BSD says:

    Have to second the Exploratorium and Monterey Aquarium (although the latter is a ~2hr drive from SF). Pier 39 is really not worth it, take them to Ghirardelli square instead. Shame you didn’t come the weekend of the 5th – Blue Angels were kicking ass all over the city.

  9. Romeo Bravo says:

    Several things to do:

    1. Take the boat to Alcatraz Island (former super secure island prison) and look around for half the day. Make sure you get the headphone guided tour which has some great details of life on the “Rock.”

    2. Take a ferry from the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco to Sausalito and spend the afternoon wandering around the shops and waterfront with great views of San Francisco.

    3. The weather this week is supposed to be a bit cloudy and rainy so maybe look at hitting some museums.

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