Satellite Radio Death Update Number 6 AND the KING OF "NO" MEDIA

Remember this guy?


If you do you are lying or one of the ten people with a subscription.

I have not mocked the Satellite Radio industry since August, but I just had such a great terrestrial radio conversation with a local radio guru that I felt it was time.

The satellite stocks suck big time. They have for a while. The great rally has not budged these stocks as I speculated in the August post. here are their lifetime charts from Yahoo.

Before the ten of you with accounts ping me, think about this:

There are 260,000,000 listeners a WEEK of terrestrial radio in the United States. There are 10,000,000 total satellite radio subscribers (Karmazin probably bought 1 million to meet last quarter’s bad numbers :) ).

Don’t argue that leaves a huge market. Apple has 95 percent upside in the corporate PC market, positive cash flow, a good product that has no subscription cost and 10 plus billion in the bank. So, if that’s your argument and you don’t own Apple, your money should be taken away from you. Better yet, go buy the satellite stocks and they will do it for you.

So – who really won this epic war. CBS, the satellite idiots or Howard Stern.

Well, the biggest winner is Oprah and fat boy Dr. Phil (he just looks like his breath would roll you over). They never lost their audience, got paid stupid money and will lnot ikely have to produce much. Kudos.

Howard Sterm made the killing but he has to be aching for the audience he has lost. I would rather have influence and $50 million than no influence and $500 million. He spends his life in a goddam office most of his life anyway. PUTZ (in the most respectful terms -he is a legend after all).

In the end as I have long said, Howard, if he stays interested, will have his cake and eat it too. He will end up with his audience back, the cash and a global internet audience. He may be 90, but there is always a market for porn and farts.

The big loser was CBS and the shareholders of XMSR and Sirius. CBS was killed by Howard’s departure and selling off radio assets as fast as can be. Sirius and XMSR can at best hope for a merger and a buyout at lower prices from a cable company.

Me – if I had the cash to help my man Michael buy up some towers and bang away at terrestrial radio, I would be on it. There has been a slight turn here and some real businesses.


  1. andy says:

    He should be on terrestial 30 mins every morning with siri paying his fcc fines every day and him telling people to switch over to siri now because the farting stripper jeopardy contest starts in 5.

  2. Site Security says:

    Great analysis. I’ve been on the show and sparred with his ego. You are exactly right he’ll be back.

  3. Mr Angry says:

    “your money should be taken away from you. Better yet, go buy the satellite stocks and they will do it for you” – killer line. I wonder how Stern’s ego is doing? He’ll probably get another big audience deal sometime but if he doesn’t and he can let the idea of massive numbers go, he could kill on the internet. I’m sure he has enough money in the bank and he’d be the number one podcaster/vlogger overnight if he tried it. Then he could really creat his own future – if he’s patient.

  4. Mike says:

    The ONLY way Sat. will make it is through MERGER! I was considering a life-time subvscription to SIRI, but I don’t think they will last my lifetime!!!

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