Saying Goodbye to RIMM

It has been a while since I talked about RIMM. I am selling the rest of my position today. What a great run this strock has had. I hated having to buy the all-time high breakout past $100 and doing a Wallstrip show at $110 seemed absurd, but it has worked out.

Pigs get fat, hogs…..

If the stock takes out $140 in the future, I will be looking to buy back in. I don’t believe it has the legs to do that. I hope it does though :) .

UPDATE – Spike from TechnicalTrades has a detailed post on the techical reasons that RIMM should be sold.

PS – Today’s Cramer riff on Wallstrip was classic – “Blackberry, Crackberry, Halle Berry

Another reason to sell RIMM :)


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