Scouring The Globe For New Leadership

It’s not really that hard. I have never actually had to scour. I grab the weekend Investor’s Business Daily and spend a few minutes checking my Twitter feed and .

Horrific markets are the best time to do some work. In good markets, there is so much working that you are supposed to do more sitting than anything else.

The really good stocks get very crowded and volatile in shitty markets and the gems get ignored. I don’t have the resources or conviction to bet on finding gems and value, so I am doing less and scanning more.

This weekend I am on to a few new names that I will add this week. Here is a list of some new all-time highs that look ownable:

OLN – ammunition (long)

WERN – logistics

SY – Sybase (who knew?)

STE – Steris (biotech)

LMNX – Luminex (Biotech)

FXM – The Mexican Peso? Yep.

My favorite reads of the weekend were:

Kuwait cozying up to Japan (Maybe they can dump their Citibank and Merrill Lynch shares on them :) )

Steve Wynn in The New York Times on Casino’s

MIT on he coming Solar Revolution

The Obesity Trend is in full gear

There is lot’s of chatter in blogosphere about the lack of IPO’s. That’s just tech though. Check out all the IPO’s in Investor’s Business Daily. The companies getting public in this market are likely in dire needs of capital at any price or just damn good businesses. Remember that all the best stocks start out as IPO’s. IPOhome is a good website for IPO lists. Keep an open mind.

There was a great interview in PE Hub with Lise Buyer who helped with the Google IPO. She thinks she can help Facebook and has some real honest answers on the Google IPO. Although Lise thinks shunning Wall Street did not help Google and it’s IPO effort, it is a good reminder to read between the lines. Because Wall Street was not triple and quadruple dipping on the Google IPO hotness, they shunned it and left lot’s of money on the table for those investors buying it because they loved the business.

Finally, remember that the company you keep is a factor in your investment results .

Please share your favorite all-time highs and trending stocks (preferably over $10 bucks) – Thanks