SEARCH and Destroy…The Shorts and Microsoft

It feels good to be alive, unless you are a Microsoft executive with stock options. The brain drain and Apple have been a dagger to the gut of Microsoft and while they remain full of cash, spit and vinegar, they bleed out a penny a week in stock price to their eventual irrelevance.

Now I am in the Apple store on Madison talking search and Apple with random apple lovers. It is freaking packed.

More goodness today from Google and Baidu as Google approaches all-time highs and Baidu tacks on 7 plus more.

While Facebook, social networking and rate cuts steal the headlines, the search leaders romp in the background.


Rajun Cajin at MadStocks has a good outside the box look at Google potential .

Disclosure – Long Google and Baidu


  1. Brett says:

    Microsoft may take another hit with IBM coming out with Lotus Symphony to compete with office. I just recently updated to office 2007 and it is terrible. I am going to download the new Lotus spreadsheet software and give it a shot.

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