Section 230…Who Do You Trust?

The term ‘Section 230‘ is being used a lot again these days.

I get to say pretty much anything I want on the internet, so I have not paid much attention. I should be.

Albert Wenger takes this subject very seriously. Albert is at Union Square Ventures and I went back to read some of his thoughts.

In October he wrote ‘The Coming Fight For Control Of The Internet‘. His work has been timely.

This rings very true today…

Fifth, it feels like all of this will come to a head following the election, no matter who wins it. What’s at stake is far larger than most people seem to believe. This isn’t about some small tweak to Section 230. This is and will be a battle about who controls information and computation on the internet. At present it looks as if we are headed in completely the wrong direction with an awful combination of too much corporate and too much state power all at once.

Albert’s online book ‘The World After Capital‘ has a chapter titled ‘Informational Freedom‘ that is worth reading right now as well.

Have a great Sunday everyone.