See You Monday…

Need some blog and Twitter time off after a crazy eight days in New York.

All-Star NBA game is in Phoenix and Max and I will be in hoop mode.

Tonight was The Shorty Awards and Greg did a great job pulling off the event. I have had a surreal week seeing my book in the bookstores in Manhattan and accepting the Shorty Award for Stocktwits from MC Hammer of all people (bummer that Soren could not join the whole team).

I joked that MC Hammer whispered in my ear ‘I will trade you cash for gold’, but in the markets, that is exactly what is going on. I am in that trade along with Silver and Amazon.

I am on the verge of some lumps in my long USO position (via naked $26 Feb puts), but will hang on for now.

Tomorrow you can download the new Tweetdeck which includes StockTwits functionality .

The positive energy on this blog and from the community at StockTwits is addictive, but has worn me out for the moment and there is much to get done in the months ahead so keep it light and fun and hang in there until Monday. I should be fully recharged.