Seeking Inspiration…

Picasso said this:

‘Without great solitude no serious work is possible’ (thanks Sean)

If I only had the time!

I have been struggling of late. Part low energy Jeb Bush and Angry Donald Trump. Not a good combo for being the best Howie.

Ellen is basically running the Lindzon household, Rachel and Max are low maintenance, Tom and Gary get shit done at our firm and I have no day to day responsibility at Stocktwits.

If I was told I could check the boxes on all four of these things in 2016, I would have said ‘party in 2017’!

I am seeking inspiration.

I loathe looking for inspiration because it means I have to change up my habits, but that I must do. I need to read new people. Luckily I get paid to do that and be just slightly ahead of the curve.

One person helping inspire me the last few months is Professor Galloway. He’s crushing it on the writing and research front and he is innovating on delivery. His style is original, very digestible and quite entertaining. The fact that he is using video and making it look pretty simple is also very cool.

This piece he wrote last week for graduates – ‘No Mercy, No Malice: Commence‘ is outstanding. I sent it to my graduated nephews and nieces.

The crib notes/advice – though you must read it all – is:

1. Do Not follow your passion

2. Boring is Sexy

3. Get to a City

4. Mate

5. Get Strong

6. Be Fast

7. Balance is a myth

I plan on getting real quiet in June to try a bit of that guy Picasso’s advice and come back a bit faster.

As professor Galloway says, the world does not belong to the big, but to the fast.

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