Selling the Rate Cut…Duh

This had to be the biggest telegraphed move ever.

Here is my opinion about the rate cut…The FED is [email protected]#ked.

Bush is shitting on Europe for sitting out the war and we are funding debt by printing money…agan…big Duh.

We juts ran 1,000 points into the news. I would like to see a 500 point selloff since I am bullish. I doubt we get it based on the end of the year flood of bullishness.

If we do, fine. I was sellling down VMW, SPY and other big runners like RICK, FSLR and CSIQ the last few days.

I have a whole list of new leaders that i would buy down 500 points.

Bring it.


  1. The Chad says:

    I just love how you are always so bullish and when we get a pullback you go on and on about how you’ve been selling.

    H, I read your site because I like your momentum style (which is opposite to my natural more bearish thinking). So don’t take my comment as a jab, just an observation.

  2. bocagirl says:

    Will you settle for a 300 point selloff? Barkin’ Bernanke… oy.

    I’ve been buying this dip, just cruising my watch list for some deals.

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    The Chad…it is a stupid jab and obviously you dont read this blog.

    I took down vmw and spy and a bunch of other stocks and have been blogging the sales the last week so dont waste my time with your stupid observations. Read but keep your stupid comments to yourself.

  4. Howard Lindzon says:

    pls go back to trader tim’s sight. You call your comment respectful?

    read your comment you asshole…sarcasm…I just love….

    if you are going to make stupid statements here, you will be called out. You did and have and now again. If you read this blog, you will know I have never stepped inside a RICK’s

    You are out and your next stupid comments and all others will be removed. Please leave.

  5. The Chad says:

    Dude, it’s your site so do what you want. Maybe once the bull resumes you can reread my original non-disrespectful post and reconsider whether or not your response was respectful.

    You are obviously having a bad day.

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