Senior Moments in a Streaming Life

Senior moments are coming at me fast and furious (movie idea…two old jewish guys in fast cars driving dangerously across town going to pick up stuff they forgot at restaurants and the golf course – ‘Fast and Furious – Senior Moments’).

I’ve talked about the age spots on my hand. I hate them.

My manscaping is a daily ritual. Not the below the belt kind, but the nose and ear hairs have become a whack a mole situation. (shameless plug – Social Leverage portfolio company is growing as fast as the hairs on my ear).

But, it is my memory or lack thereof that has me upset most of the time.

I write things down, I keep a good calendar and I practice little tricks now with my iPhone, but still can’t avoid the senior memory moments.

Every day I have to Google a name or thing on the tip of my tongue while sharing a story.

Last week I left a brand new iPad sitting on the ground in the Apple bag at a store counter as I paid for a Gatorade. I was at the UTC mall in san Diego and was so excited to get the big new iPad with keyboard. Of course, Verizon was down and could not get my cellular connected so I could not finish the setup.

I went to meet my friend Peter for dinner at Din Fai Tang (yes of course I looked that up for 12th time and yes the food is great) and on the way to car I stopped at the outdoor shop to grab a Gatorade for the drive home and must have forgotten it at the counter.

When I got home I noticed the bag was missing. I called Peter who for said call the restaurant. I called the restaurant thinking no way they would help. Five minutes later they called saying they has a video of me leaving the store with the bag. Turns out the Taiwanese are watching us from within our own country!

I went to bed putting my steps back together and figured it had to have been the small outdoor convenience store.

I drove back to the mall the next morning and miracle of miracles, the store owner had kept the box and I was reunited with my iPad. The kid at the nightshift who held it for me was now working a morning shift at Starbucks across the way. I went in, ordered a coffee and handed him $100 as I shook his hand – said thank you so much and left. Good kid.

Today, while getting a car wash in Phoenix, I must have taken the AirPod case with me out of the car and left them at the counter or dropped them somewhere (the AirPods were in my ear) because when I got home I had that realization again. As luck would have it, someone turned them in at the car wash and my AirPods were reunited with their case.

By the way, it is not just me, My wife Ellen, who is 11 days younger than me, asks me to call her phone at least THREE times a day. This morning while I was trying to leave we searched the house over and over for her purse that had all her worldly possessions. That took an hour though it was in plain sight.

The streaming life we live in will not slow down for us until we lose all the things that stream life for us.

PS – Ellen and I got AirPod cases at the Apple store to clip to our bodies.

PSS – Fred has a good post about life in a constant stream of email and meetings.