Sentiment and Markets

I have been reading a ton of new blogs this weekend to get a fresh look on things for 2007 and see what I am missing out there. I appreciate all the financial bloggers sending me links and introducing themselves.

It is overwhelming really, but I am committed to finding 10-20 more financial blogs for my blogroll and that of Wallstrip. I want the new additions to have a more focused approach on specific topics.

My first addition of 2007 is ZenTrader13.

I believe the increase in derivative trading, hedging, ETF’s and Global securities have changed sentiment trading. That said, there are tea leaves to be found and read in this area.

Other than cash, I have not hedged much the last few years. I never say never so I am always open to good ideas. I have been posting about raising some cash the last few weeks and into earnings season. Just a gut feel. Looking at this sentiment chart and post from Zen, my gut feel may be correct.

Take a look:


Tomorrow Wallstrip returns for 2007 with American Express. let me know if you post and I will link to it from the Wallstrip Blog. It’s fun to get back into the show and start a new year.