Seth Goldstein – a real Booyah interview.

We showed the short version, because that’s what “THEY” say people have attention for. Well, sometimes “LONG is more.” In Seth’s case, as in Fred’s interview last week, I need the long version. I will get them just to have and share. Enjoy the short version for now.

I love our short question burst each week that we give our guest. Web 7.0 will be cool for sure. better than my 4.48 :) .

I know what many stock bloggers will be saying – “Look at me, I can trade against the big guys! Seth is wrong about hedge funds” It really is not an easy answer in a short interview context. I still think he is right, VERY right. It is why I now rarely trade and focus on longerterm price trends. No matter how cheap they make the trades (even if they are free and rebate you at the end of the year), the massive majority will lose over time to an index fund.

If you don’t have the information, stick with the pure safe benefit of positive stock expectation that the markets have shown over it’s lifetime. The media can’t tell you that dirty secret. They won’t. When they do, you won’t notice it between the Scotttrade and Schwab commercials :) for active traders.


  1. Mr Angry says:

    There’s surely an option for you to put up both the short version and the long version? Maybe the short version is the “lead” one for the short attention span folks and the longer version goes up as part of the “conversation”? I say go with your gut feeling – if you want more it’s likely other people do too.

    I work hard at keeping most of my YouTube videos under three or even two minutes (and I mean HARD – once I start talking I want to keep going) but quite a few viewers keep asking me to do longer pieces. Two of my most viewed vids go for 15 and 20 minutes respectively! There are both types of people online – don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

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