Setting Off On Your Own…

Fred Wilson has a good post titled ‘Setting Off On Your Own‘ which I did in 1997 to start my hedge fund and pivoted to my start up Wallstrip and angel investing in 2006.

The pivot to Wallstrip and angel investing was inspired by YouTube and Vanguard.

By 2005 I knew charging 2 and 20 was silly (at least for my skills) and I knew the consumer internet was finally something I wanted to be a part of when YouTube became a thing.

The reason I started my blog in 2005 was to journal, but blogging has become so popular today (that includes Tik Tok etc) that I could make a living off my blog if I had to.

Even though I was TEN years later than Fred to the internet, I knew the it was going to be so big that I dropped everything.

With 100 plus podcasts under my belt starting March of this year, I would speculate that the same thing could be said today about ‘the cloud’ that I said about the internet back in 2006. I think the same thing for e-commerce, financial services and crypto.

There is a much better chance that we are early than late.

I am excited to have the opportunity to continue to back people ‘setting off on their own’.

Every single one of us knows/believes something so strongly about a trend or a product or a company at least once or twice in their lifetime. I hope more people have the opportunity to and choose to ‘Set Off On Their Own’ as well.