Setting Time for Strategy

This made me laugh today

Broadhead Co., a marketing and ad agency in Minneapolis, was paid $449,000 by the state’s Department of Social Services to create the “Meth. We’re On It.” campaign.

South Dakota needs to slow down and get a Slack channel for their marketing and proof reading team.

I imagine WeWork and Softbank were inspired by it before checking in on Twitter as they launched their campaign – ‘Losses. We’re On It.’


I am back in Phoenix this week and don’t plan on going back on the road until January.

Next year we have big plans for our firm Social Leverage and we are using the last bit of 2019 to prepare so we can come out of the gate in 2020 at full speed.

It has been a wild year for startups, founders, venture capital and IPO’s. We have seen every level of the good, the bad and the ugly.

As Social Leverage grows, Tom, Gary and I are resetting goals and strategies and thinking about the systems we will need to set and the work we have to complete to set our plans into action.

I was in New York last week talking to my mentors and friends about our strategy and working to fine tune it.

One thing that remains unchanged and continues to drive our excitement about the opportunities ahead is the Alpha still to be unlocked by Venture Capital.

I wrote about it back in November 2018 and it still applies today.

Back to work.