Shalom From Tel Aviv

I am in Israel for the week with a group of friends from the Phoenix Federation.

The weather is warmer than normal for November. I spent a few hours on my own walking Tel Aviv and enjoying the beach.

Last night I had dinner with Yoni and Ronen Assia the founders of Etoro (I am an investor) and we caught up on the global brokerage landscape. They are now doing business in over 140 countries.

This morning our group met with Alon Ben David who is a senior defense correspondent. It was interesting to get his points of views on the battles waged today in the middle east.

I love my yearly visits to Israel. This week is much less about investing and startups and more about education and charity.

I am excited to soak it in.

PS – So far I have had just 1 falafel but it was outstanding.

PSS – I was traveling yesterday so Ivanhoff and I completed our Momentum Monday episode last night. Here it is for you to watch or listen.