Shopify and Spotify…Handsome Couple

At the beginning if the year I just had one stock pick. I thought Shopify would reach $100 billion. Here is the blog post. Re Shopify:

To be honest, the market has not played ball and a pandemic came along, but the stock is still brushing up against $100 billion. The “Shopify Miracle’! I sold a little stock today as it came within a few percent. Here is the chart…’Pandemic or not, here we come $100,000,000′:

Keeping with the S’s, if I were to pick a stock a long way from $100,000,000,000 that could reach that mark in the years ahead it would be Spotify. A couple weeks ago I shared that on Stocktwits and I was buying the stock as it crossed $160. I had no idea they would be announcing a deal with Joe Rogan or that the market would LOVE the move. I love Spotify because it is a very rare asset in a highly inflationary world for rare assets (as with Shopify, I will have to assume the markets play ball).

Here is the chart and the massive breakout taking place above $160 when I started buying:

A few days later with the Joe Rogan News digested:

I could link to 100 articles that will explain that the markets are overvalued and the economy is wrecked. I won’t because they are all correct. I concede. The economy is for shit.

Don’t buy Spotify tomorrow because I own it at $160 and shared my simple insights into why it could reach $100,000,000 market capitalization.

Do buy the 20-30 percent dips in Spotify that will eventually come.

PS – A couple great reads on Spotify strategy, pitfalls and opportunity…

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Have a great Friday