Shortsellers…Chill Dudes!

The bears were printing money just a few weeks ago and now are screaming.

The wacky double and quadruple inverse ETF’s have intoxicated the bears into making new riches. Thebears could never get rich off just shorting so they want triple the fun.

As I see it, it’s just more fuel for the upside most of the time.

Bears used to have to be really craeful not to overstay their welcome now, they have to be triple lindy careful. They are’nt.

I will continue to stay light and preach lightness.

We are going lower, but it’s not linear. Strngth in gaming, slot machines, Oil, Golf, Wheat, Basic Materials and the dogs of last year will subside and we will turn down again, but what’s the bear rush?

Disclosure – Long FXP – The triple Lindy China Short ETF :) . Who says I have to practice what I preach.