Should Microsoft Buy RIMM…ABSOLUTELY

AND if not them…Google should or even DELL. Reuters is reporting the rumor. I mean, somebody better do something drastic or Apple and RIMM just walk away with consumer tech over the next 5 years.

I am embarrased to say I never thought of this rumor, but if they (Microsoft, Dell, Google) want to be in the game the next leg of the consumer electronics phase , it makes complete sense.

I have long speculated on thesblog that Apple should have bought them. Obviously they never will. There is ton’s of speculation about a Google phone , but why, when the perfect product already exists.

Tech is acting strong and something big is brewing. The financial mess should be having way more of an affect on the market. Time will tell on this rumor.

Since I am on the subject, Maybe Baidu or someone in China like Lenovo should make a move and legitimize the whole China knockoff rap.