Six Years of Social Leverage and The Human Network…Me and $CSCO

My friend Josh had his second blogging anniversary as The Reformed Broker. Of course I told him he has one more good year in him. TOPS!

Not to be narcissisticly outdone, I went to my own archives. Turns out I am now running SIX years. It is amazingly fun to be ABLE to look back. I continue to urge people to blog and diarize their lives digitally. It does not matter who or how many are listening. You just have to trust me on that.

Two posts from December 2005 (a time when I just ranted) were ‘The Power of Blogs’ and ‘Living With Genital Herpes can be a Nightmare’. My two commenters included an anonymous and a cash advance spam. Fanboys!

Flash forward six years and now I am parlaying the herpes blog post into a $CSCO ad campaign about the Human Network. Thanks to @tkrieg for pulling this huge project off. It was awesome of the Cisco people to consider me for the marketing campaign and so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:


  1. Dave Pinsen says:

    That’s a good ad by CSCO — congratulations for being featured in it. And congratulations for six years of blogging.

    This, is false though:

    “It does not matter who or how many are listening.”

    Of course it matters. That’s why so many people give up on blogging: no one’s responding, and they’re not making any money from it, and so there’s no incentive to continue.

    In a way, blogging is similar to public access TV: Public Access television, too, gave regular folks a chance to broadcast their content. For a small handful of them, it led to bigger and better things. But for everyone else, the deafening silence mocking them from the aether caused them to drop off.

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  5. ivanhoff says:

    Yes, I remember. 4-5 years ago, it was just me and few other spammers that commented on your blog, but your posts were better ;)

  6. faithmight says:

    I love the video way more than the writing ;) “If I can just give and give and give, when I need, I know I can ask; and I get this enormous amount of goodwill back.”Awesome quote. Congrats Howard. I smile a lot more too!

  7. AGORACOM - George says:

    Howard, couldn’t agree with your more. When I started AGORACOM, it was because I thought I had something important to say that few others were saying. I shared with a small group of good people, who then shared it with others … and now we have 1M + uniques per year showing up.

    It took a tremendous amount of love to generate the effort that generated the result. I encourage everyone to do the same.

    By the way, I totally agree on the intimacy of video. we’ve started incorporating Skype video interviews of our clients and investors love it.


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