Sleep is Good…

I wanted my “Sleep is Good” speech to be as powerful as Gordon Gekko’s “Greed is Good” speech in Wall Street.

Go watch today’s Wallstrip show and you decide :) .

I can’t believe they left the cameras rolling on me all night and that is all they heard by the way :) . By the way, where was Ellen? Filming!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I take sleep and the lack thereof, very seriously. I would not wish sleeping problems on but two people in my life. They probably sleep like babies – and smoke and diet on carbs!

Ambien, from drug maker Sanofi, has been a wonder drug for me – so far – and my family. It has helped me get the sleep I need. It is not the largest drug in Sanofi’s engine, but an important part of their successful history.

Pfizer is working hard on a competitive drug and Sepracor has recently launched Lunesta. The market is “gynormousmungous” TM.

Based on the release of Ambien CR, which did not work for me, I am pretty sure that the patent rights of Ambien are coming to an end for the regular ambien.

I still own the stock, have so since June when it moved to an all-time high. I am down nearly 10 percent on the position since purchase. It is a small position and one of many. As always, I will let the stock do what it does until my stop has been breached (close) or it continues back on it’s winning ways.

No matter what happens to Sanofi and Ambien, you can rest assured that the Sleep Industry is a GIANT and your financial attention should be partially focused in this space. Other sleep related stocks include Respironics (RESP), Resmed (RMD), Sepracor (SEPR), and Pfizer (PFE).

Please share with me and the other bloggers any sleep stocks that I might have missed.


  1. Trader-X says:

    Good segment today, but when you have Lindsay in PJ’s, you should really NOT be appearing in the clip. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure the women dig you and everything…but, I now have a terrible image burned in my mind!!!

  2. Mike says:

    I agree with TraderX, Lindsay in PJ’s ( a bit homeley looking but I suppose it is better to leave more to the imagination) and Howard snoring and whatever else you did didn’t add to the moment.

    Eddie has a good point – when can we get that listed? I think Tom is onto something/hit the nail on the head.

    I stay away from the drug sector if at all possible.

    Great show, especially that breathing thing – quite a look for you Howard.

    FYI – I sleep like a rock and don’t wake get up until I have to.

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