‘Slow Down’….Move Away From the Machines..and Man the Drones!

Things are quite ‘zippy’ in 2013.

Everything is in 3d, HD and surround sound. For everything else, there are robots and drones. Twitter and Stocktwits are not going away in your lifetime…that’s such a good thing

In trading/investing, I learned in 1999, that I was not cut out for the rapid fire, hedge fun frenetic, Jim Cramer world of news and information and day trading. I quit it. I discovered ‘trend following’. I continue to immerse myself in the lifestyle

I realized that ‘news’ was getting too fast even for me to care anymore during the Boston marathon bombings. I just don’t need to see unedited, unfiltered real time disaster news. I can wait a week.

The most important thing not going away though if you are a trader/investor…is cheating by Wall Street and onerous/expensive regulations from our government and agencies.

I am happy there are guys like Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) out there to dig in on some of the issues. Beginners need to understand how Wall Street is rigged.

Matt has a great story developing around data and news sharing between Reuters and Wall Street firms.

Even if it’s not true, i know it has to be because of the stakes involved, I am at peace with it as an investor. Why?

Did this give Wall Street an edge over me in $TSLA? NO.

$YELP? No.

I understand that the markets are not for everyone. The public will follow this developing story and get enraged. They should. But it’s not how you beat the markets anyway. It’s all misdirection. The cheaters are fighting the cheaters.

Avoid the tempation to cheat. The markets bring out the worst in institutional behavior. Be an individual and harness the energy from the machines and the people web to trounce the markets. Its possible and an extremely fulfilling journey to try.

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  1. Tangent Style says:

    This story aside (where his coverage has been rightfully angry), I really don’t put a lot of stock in anything Taibbi has to say. Often, he seems like he’s just hate-mongering.

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