Smart Phones, Smart Money, Dumb People

Before I begin…if this does not make you smile or laugh


Here is the cover of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) June Issue right now:

We keep getting smarter phones and smarter money but we can’t get the dumb out of the caveman!

Next up…

It’s old news by Mary Meeker’s yearly 17,000 page slideshow on the 2018 state of the Internet is out.

In a nutshell…the internet is not a fad.

Also, smartphone growth is slowing….cue scary music!

Stefan tweeted what matters most (at least to me as I think about trends):

Apple meanwhile is spending a lot of time on software and apps trying to help you curb your phone time. Bastards.

I have developed a great way to do less phone time. I leave it behind. When I am with my kids or Ellen I ask if I can leave my phone behind to try and enjoy more moments. Sure, there are moments when I’m the person now staring into the distance while they check Instagram and Facebook, but I find that my head is clearer and I am much calmer. I have been doing this daily for the last year.

Mary Meeker’s data just proves the point of the stunning rise of Tencent, Facebook, Amazon, payment software (Square, Paypal, Alibaba) and Netflix…attention and ecommerce.

Google’s stock price can’t keep up with the rest of the FAANGsters because the smartphone, while great for them, is not as good as the once perfect desktop only world of search.

Have a great day everyone.

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