Smartlinks…Feed Me Stock Info on the FLY

Adaptive Blue announced new SmartLinks that I’ve been beta testing for a while now on this blog and Wallstrip. Read/WriteWeb has a great review.

The new SmartLinks are automatically inserted when there’s a link to the stock’s page on Yahoo of Google Finance, or books on Amazon, music on, and many other sites. You can see the benefit of SmartLinks when you click on the little blue icon at the end of this link: Rick’s Cabaret. The SmartLink shows recent trading information and provides links to do further research about the specific stock.

ricks smartlink pane

You can access analyst reviews for Ricks, view the companies SEC filings, read popular stock bloggers commentary on the stock by clicking SmartSearch, see historical charts for the stock, and more. All of this is automatically and instantly presented in the SmartLink pane.

No live shot’s from RICK’s yet so maybe a partnership with a streaming video company is due :) ?

There were a number of my stock blogging friends involved in the beta, including Ross and Mathew. You can see how the SmartLinks look in Mathew’s post:

Madstocks Post 2

And when you open the Smartlink there’s a lot of relevant information pulled into the pane:

Madstocks Pane

Installation is easy, I’m using the wordpress plug-in and there’s one-click installation for Blogger and Typepad or a single line of code for other blogs and templates. You can install SmartLinks here. And preview SmartLinks on your blog using the SmartLink preview that’s on their homepage.

Ping me if you want to try it out and are having any troubles. Let me know also if you are using it and what you think.

Disclosure- Biltmore Ventures (I am a partner) is an investor in Adaptive Blue.


  1. Fraser says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the kind words!

    Danny and Broker A – you guys are great, thanks for your support with the beta.

    Stale, love the stock or love the services they offer? :)

    Lawrence, the quote for the specific stock within the pane is very recent, would you like streaming information for other stocks within the pane?

  2. Lawrence Chiu says:

    Fraser, what I mean, instead of a blue dot for the Smartlinks, can it be a box with streaming quotes instead? The box would of course be clickable to show the Smartlink.

    For example, instead of:
    AAPL (.)
    can it look like this:
    AAPL [ 186.67 +12.26 ]

    That way, no need to click if all you want is a quote and $change.

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