Snacking on Apple…and the Power of a Stocktwits Stream of People

I own a little $AAPl from the 570’s. The stock seems to have survived the TRILLION dollar price target drama from the last quarter and just treaded water. I am pleasantly surprised.

I worry because I have purchased very few $AAPL products in the last 6 months, but we are well past the ‘Howard’ part of the growth curve.

Here is a great grid that a fellow Stocktwits user ‘Chase‘created on $AAPL earnings ranges. I love it.

I won’t rely on the grid for predicting how the stock play’s out post earnings. They are going to be great.

It comes down to expectations and future outlook and the general mood of the traders at 4-30 est when the numbers get released.

I love looking at data tat gives me quick context for what could unfold.

I think the big question today is how big the beat is. The stores are packed, iphones and ipads are everywhere and I have ZERO complaints about the couple dozen $AAPL products used around our house.

There is so much attention on the number that it’s not worth trading around the number for me but I am holding.

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