So Trump Won … What Next for Mother Market?

It’s noon in Portugal and I never did sleep last night. I worked. I wrote. 

The futures were limit down. I didn’t really understand that but it is also why I never trade futures or after hours. 

Donald Trump is our President. 
In the end Brexit was a great leading indicator for the US election.

Hopefully I’m small enough, far enough away and down the list that Trump and his new revenge squad have not noticed the tweets. I won’t delete anything. 

Maybe Trump is the better candidate and best for America but his message and delivery was deplorable.  He wanted to win and he gave the people what they wanted. 

As an investor in early stage companies it could get messy. Status quo was/is a good thing for startups and VC’s.  I don’t worry about the founders as much as the trickle down ‘let’s wait 3 months’ from the institutions. Fred Wilson is more optimistic. Either way it’s smarter than ever to cash flow in 2017. 

The technology industry will bear the brunt of new policies. This was a great piece by Peter Yared (a founder we have backed). Read it all. Not sure if small cap public tech takes it worse than mid cap, but I’m avoiding public stocks in these categories. 

JP Morgan and Goldman have been rocking into the election. That should unwind. 

Biotech’s were pricing in a Hillary victory and so they should see some short term relief. 

I continue to believe that those who understand language of markets, follow the right crowds and manage their fears have an edge. 

Donald Trump just brought back the active investor, volatility and of course the promoter. 

I think the Robo advisor business will suffer the most in FinTech. Vanguard will do fine. 

I will just watch the 52 week high and all-time high lists because the biggest new winners should and would start showing up on these lists once the market stops going down and starts going up. If you are watching markets DO NOT let the news confuse you the next few weeks and month. 

Great companies and businesses remain great. 

But, this big government change brings a lot of new market leadership potential. The easiest way to spot it is how I outlined it above.