So You Want To Be A Venture Capitalist…

Yesterday I talked about edges.

Today, Airware, a drone company that raised $118 million from venture capitalists including A16z, Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures shut their doors.

When I think about venture capital investing and edges a few great brands come to mind…Andreesen’s A16z, Google Venture and Kleiner Perkins are three of them.

If you could dollar cost average capital with them over time you will make outsized returns.

If you can invest in a fund/group of companies in which all three were on the cap table, you would and you should.

If you want to cherry pick company by company …YOU actually better be the one with an edge, because even with all their edges they still get a lot wrong.

Stay woke and have a good weekend.

PS – I turn 53 on Monday so please remember to enjoy your youth.

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