So You Want to be an Entrepreneur …

My daughter Rachel got into Babson College yesterday. She is thrilled. We are thrilled. 

Babson is a school that focuses on entrepreneurship. Yesterday morning – before we knew Rachel was accepted ( 3pm was the planned admission acceptances being emailed to students) – I penned this short piece on entrepreneurship for Rachel on Facebook and Medium

On Facebook a few of my friends sent a link to a commencement speech at Babson last year by Kevin Colleran (first 10 employees at Facebook) . Kevin gave an incredible speech on the subject and I have enclosed the link here. Watch it I urge you. 

You could read books your whole life and not get to the essence and the spirit of entrepreneurship the way Kevin discusses.

Last night I was skimming my social feeds and as luck would have it I caught this fantastic piece by great entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah entitled ‘Success is Making Those That Believed in You Look Brilliant‘ which goes to the ethics of how you treat the people/investors that fund and support your ideas, companies and you as an entrepreneur. 

Standing ovation to my daughter Rachel, Kevin Colleran and Dharmesh Shah for their hard work and vision.