Social Leverage Palooza 2022

We wrapped up our 15th Social Leverage Palooza event yesterday and it was a lot of fun.

The last two years were a no go because of COVID.

We invite our founders from our latest funds to present to our LP’s (limited partners) and spend three days together to network and share stories and learn from each other. Unfortunately we did have a few late scratches due to COVID.

This year, a group of founders and LP’s went for a long bike ride in the desert which everyone seemed to enjoy:

Social Leverage has never been institutional, so we have a LOT of LP’s who have been our long time friends and partners. The LP’s love investing in start up companies. Being able to see the founders in person and hear their pitches and updates is an important part of the investing experience.

Here I am with my friends Uli on the left (Germany), Michael (Amsterdam) and Andy (all the way from North Scottsdale :) ) :

I have not seen our fund 3 and fund 4 companies together in one room and I was incredibly impressed with the progress. I was meeting one of the founders in person for the very first time and the company has already raised a Series B.

I live for the face to face meeting and these types of events. Zoom has been crushing on my soul as an investor in seed stage startups.

My soul feels a little bit better this morning.