Social Leverage Palooza XIII ..

This weekend is our 13th annual CEO and LP event. Like last year it is back in Scottsdale, AZ.

We are not superstitious, but we do have a unicorn mascot that sits in the corner…

It is fun to get the founders together with LP’s and have the company presentations.

I am lucky that my partners Tom and Gary have done most of this year’s organizing. I had a day off today and my good friend and LP Paul Traub, in from Jersey, arranged a round of golf at Scottsdale National Golf Club. The club is Go Daddy Bob Parson’s masterpiece. Bob has built the golf club company PXG as well.

On the 17th hole – a drivable par 4, I hit the drive of my life and I felt like it had a chance to make the green. It not only hit the green but started tracking to the hole. It came to rest inches from the cup. I had my first ever tap in 2…

We have a lot of fun events planned for our guests, but the best part of the weekend is the networking and learning.

This year I am excited to have Todd Davis and Hilary Schneider for fireside chats. Todd founded Lifelock (we were angel investors back in 2006) and Hilary was the CEO that took them public and through the acquisition by Symantec. Today, Hilary is CEO of portfolio company Wag Walking. They recently raised $300 million from Softbank.

I am grateful that they are coming to share stories to help motivate, educate and inspire the newest portfolio founders.