Social Leverage…Inning ONE and Impossible to Value

The market bites right now. For good reason. Financial leverage and greed run amock. Guess what…tt will pass.

The next long-term bubble will be bigger and better. It will be so because of Social Leverage. It is the perfect currency for making money. Furthermore, ‘Social Leverage’ is not something any government body will likely be able to control. Everybody will have access to it. Look at on-line poker. A kid in Russia can sit at the same table as a bank CEO in Manhattan. No edge. The US Government mucked that up. They won’t be able to for long and in non-gaming areas of social leverage will not have any control.

Facebook, MySpace, Linked-In and Google have the blogosphere amped up about the Social Graph. Fred is doing a great job covering the play by play and has an awesome post about it being in the second inning .

First off, he is right.

More important to me is Social Leverage. Social Leverage is the value diverse people on the edge of the graph can obtain from tapping the graph. Sure the super connected and rich don’t necessarily need or use the communities and by extension the graph. But they will be forced to listen and engage as the noise increases and the networks get smarter.

There are going to be thousands more Wallstrip’s built in record pace over the next century.

Take a look at the record label Peter Rojas of Engadget fame is building out of a blog and signing single artists , one song at a time.

Countrywide Credit, Enron, WorldCom….financial leverage and greed. They always end the same way.

Business built using social networks as the backbone…will harness social leverage and endless opportunity. Thousands of ways to get in the game. It’s just the beginning.

I know where my money is being invested for a long time.


  1. greenskeptic says:

    I was reminded of the power of Social Leverage the other day in a meeting.

    The web of connections that extended between four people who gathered for lunch and had very little natural connection between us. (Only two of us went to the same school, although didn’t know each other there.)

    We quickly realized that between any two of us there were at least two connections — and we were only three connections apart beyond them.

    Is that two degrees of separation or one? Imagine leveraging that potential.

  2. fik says:

    I completely agree with your social leverage concept but how does one make money via publicly traded stocks. Most of these companies are not public (besides google).

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    you cant easily right now. news corp but thats too conglomeraty for me.

    keep your eyes open for new ideas here.

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