Social Leverage…The New Holy Grail…NERD WAR 2.0!

Screw search….

Google has a new plan to get it’s stock from $700 to $2,000…gang up with some friends to take on Facebook. The title is well done. This is a timeless strategy . Let’s face it…who doesn’t like to see white billionaires fight it out :) .

I have been thinking about the term that aptly describes the chase/war going on right for your social/business networking.

Yesterday I blogged about the possibility that Social Networks were UNDERvalued . I strongly believe that. I have used all the available ‘ancient tools’ – My Blog,,, hand written notes, mail, e-mail and the telephone – to grow my businesses to this point, but there is a new set of tools coming to allow me to leverage my social and business networking skills.

The good news is that as a customer in this war, let’s call it NERD WAR 2.0, you are not being forced to choose sides. We all win with better features and tools to employ our own style of social/business leverage. Marc Andreesen chimes in on the war as well .

This is soooo good people.


  1. Crawford says:

    Love Open almost as much as I love the Carnitas Burritos. ;-) The Open Economy is pure freedom. No walls. No dewey decimals. No hierarchy. Keep imagining. It only gets better. Why, yes, thank you I do like these new rose-colored glasses.

  2. moom says:

    OT but the one stock I bought after seeing a Wallstrip on it – RICK – is doing great again this morning and now has doubled on my entry point. Thanks for bringing attention to the stock.

  3. Todd Allen says:

    This announcement + their mobile play will be amazing once combined.

    Your mobile should/will eventually become a key piece of the social experience.

    Did you see the RIM Facebook app? Simple, but suddenly my BBerry is the easiest way to interact on Facebook. I think it’s the first well-implemented example of mobile social interactions. (Plus, it shows how much RIMM is thinking about the non-business customer)

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