Social Media Assistant…The 'NEW' Executive Assistant

1. Stock Broker or Account ‘Depletion’ Executive

2. Janitor or PipeScrubber

3. Porn Star or Actor

It’s easy to get antsy about job titles and professions. I mean we are all working hard for a living…no?

But with the death of the executive (Yahoo killing the idea of a Web or Internet executive as well ) and the ‘Macropocalypse (You need to be reading Umair and his archives) upon us, there is opportunity for the ‘YOOTS’ of America…The ‘Social /Media Networking Assistant’

Twitter , Friendfeed , WordPress, Tumblr , Disqus , Seesmic , NerdZero, Sheistencommenten… I hope you get my point.

I know that I can’t keep up and the more I create, the further behind I get. In fact, I need a full time person to decipher my monthly Verizon bill and just yell at them (but I digress).

There are a few of you out there who can handle all the new social web stuff, but you went to MIT or you are only using the social web to promote. For the rest of us, we need well trained Social Media assistant’s whose main job is to ‘scour, devour, test and implement all things search and social media.

Universities should offer this as a degree or universities themselves will see enrollment declines as high schoolers just skip the degree because they already have the tools to succeed.

I would tell Meghann about the title change, but I just freaking ordered her new business cards :) .

Serenity Now!

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