Solar Explosion Today

This trend is in full gear. You have no supply (stocks) and improving economics. You have Venture Capitalists way behind and with money to burn. You are years away from the silly IPO’s…trust me they will come, to cure the supply problem. Most imporatnt, one mutual fund like Fidelity could own every share of every public solar stock and corner the market.

I don’t know what really happened today but wow. In frothy sectors sometimes stuff just goes up and up and you can’t explain it so why try. You can’t say I have not warned you, including this morning . Late in the day, my solar stocks rocketed led by CSIQ and FSLR.

I do know this. I am ADDING a few names asap.

Likely JASO – JA Solar Holdings . It just busted out again to all-time highs and looks too good to pass. Furthermore, it’s CHINA and SOLAR should go up doubly fast :) . They are so volatile that I am adding a 1/3 position only.

That will take my solar positions to four – FSLR, WFR, CSIQ and JASO. Frothy names for sure, but I have also sold down FSLR and CSIQ (blogged it ) so I have some room for a new position.

Is there an ETF yet? Bueller…Bueller

Other ideas welcome. Let’s make some money. It’s not too late, but there will be some horrific pullbacks along the way that make you barf.


  1. Jason says:

    For those looking for a basket of stocks in the solar arena Powershares Wilderhill Green Energy Portfolio (PBW) is the only ETF that should be a consideration for the time being; the other clean energy ETF’s are too thinly traded. If the ETF doesn’t interest you but you still require diversification in this volatile industry look to Winslow Green Growth Fund (WGGFX); a little expensive, but professional management may be a cost worth incurring in this sector.

    Other single issue securities not mentioned above that I like in this field include: Yingli Green Energy (YGE), Evergreen Solar (ESLR), and Ormat Technologies (ORA); I realize that latter does not compete in the solar arena, but it remains an interesting candidate in the clean energy industry.

  2. greenskeptic says:

    Take a look at China Sunergy (CSUN), which is partnering with CSIQ, and recently inked a supply deal with German module manufacturer Advanced and Automotive Solar System (asola). They’ll supply 10.2MW of solar cells to asola in 08.

    Long Sun

  3. johnjaygebhardt says:

    i have owned the solars since jaso was 19 and breaking out. suffered with csiw and solf as the street sold short these 2 names. long asti big it is blogged and categoried with nano solar….yes nano solar so take a closer look at asti. i would love to hear your point of view on this. they have disruptive technology thanks

  4. A.Flood says:

    I dig Solar and I’m always a sucker for disruptive tech. especially when it might help the First World survive a little longer. But I get really nervous when valuations surpass my weight. Maybe I’ll change my mind when PBW breaks through 26.

  5. TraderMark says:

    Big 3 are now FSLR, SPWR, STP
    All names in the sector are based on polysili supply/constraint other than FSLR

    Arms suppliers are JASO and LDK (CSUN to some degree)

    2nd tier panel makers are YGE, CSIQ, SOLF, TSL. YGE probably closest to joining the “big 3”.

    ESLR has been a dog for the ages but is a very poor man’s FSLR…very poor.

    ENER has a solar component as well and has picked up the stock of late – another blast from the past.

    Those are the main players nowadays… chart wise anything outside of TSL (and as of yesterday LDK) is promising as mania sweeps the nation

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