Solar Stocks…I Feel Like Al Pacino

I am being dragged back in to some new names. It’s silly, but price is price and strength is strength.

I am adding quarter positions in AKNS and CSUN. Both stocks should implode, but solar has exploded and these could continue. The stops are 20 percent plus away so adjust your size accordingly. They won’t make or break my year, but they are going on the sheets for now.

Do the names really matter at this point?

Thanks Brian for nailing these both earlier in their runs .

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  1. greenskeptic says:

    Finally, CSUN…I knew you’d come around. It’s a partner of your Canadian play CSIQ, and has been overlooked by many…

    AKNS is another one that’s been under the radar thus far (although Hargett at Schaeffers Research blew it’s cover yesterday:

    No doubt you’ve seen all the short-seller comments about First Solar, which somer claim is especially vulnerable to Tellurium availability; most recently this one on why “cards are stacking up against First Solar”:

    How long do you give it?

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