Solar Stocks…Staring at them Won't cause Skin Cancer, Bad Timing will Cause Cash Cancer

It is giddy times for solar stock lovers.

Too easy.

This is my first warning to ease off the pedal just a bit. I intend too.

I am tempted by the monsterous all-time highbreakouts in ESLR and CSUN today. I will stare for now and add them to my wish list based on their performance after the next crack.

Brian at Alphatrends nailed CSUN for his readers on his short squeeze blog . Brian…please amalgamate them into one blog and stop confusing me. Great call as well.


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    let me know when you get it done. site redesign buddy and off google blogger. I will help you if need be.

  2. James Amos says:

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  3. James Amos says:

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  4. bocagirl says:

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    Yeah I read Elijah Muhammed’s books too and he knew a lot of about health food considering the time in which he wrote, but it’s a stretch from that to agreeing with his statements that white men are devils. Humans of all types have devilish characteristics. Oh well. Peace.

  5. James Amos says:

    Yet, God has made His holy light discriminate between blacks and whites to burn the whites.

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