Some Days Your Longs go Down and Your Shorts Go UP…Verizon Never Changes Their Number Though

Shitty week to decide to trade so thankful my sizing was small.

I was in Vegas with Andy Swan and we gambled and played by the book and still lost there too.

Today, I was working out at my club. There is major construction in the mens locker room. I was coming around the corner and had one of those wipeouts where I flew higher than I have ever jumped before – without trying….NAKED.

Let’s just say my balls did not break the fall. I don’t remember much about the fall except that 5 men were watching. They were not concerned with me…they were holding THEIR balls.

On days like today, the best you can do is call Verizon and bust their balls and speaker phone while drinking a scotch.

Meghannnnnnnn dial em up and as Soren says, get Dell on a three way.

Leave me a VOMMENT with whats best for my balls at this point.

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