Some Good Reads…My Kingdom For Better Sleeps!

Happy Saturday everyone.

I read some great pieces this week that I wanted to share today.

The first is from Matthew Ball who writes about media and gaming and I link to often here. This current piece is titled ‘The Metaverse: What It Is, Where to Find it, Who Will Build It, and Fortnite‘.

Next up is Chris Dixon at A16z who is a great investor and writer and this current piece is titled ‘Inside-Out vs. Outside-In: The Adoption of New Technologies‘.

Morgan Housel has another great piece titled ‘Risk is What You Don’t See‘.

I talk about sleep a lot both in everyday conversations and on this blog. It is a trend that everyone seems to be trying to cash in on. I continue to follow the two public stocks that are pure sleep plays – Resmed and Inspire Medical (I still own Inspire Medical and sold Resmed too soon). Both stocks seem to go up every day likely because there is just a lack of supply of pure play sleep stock supply.

Enter The Casper IPO, which will likely be marketed as a sleep company. Professor Galloway is out with his usual charm and wit, cutting it down before Goldman and Casper get a chance to tell you about it. A fun and on point read about the IPO.

Have a great weekend.