Some Market Stats That Made Me Go Hmmm…

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Some of the economic stats I see about the US are really incredible. There have been 111 consecutive months (9+ years) of jobs growth, by far the longest streak in history.

Meanwhile, while an orange person take a bow for Dow 29,000, The Gold ETF has matched the Dow ETF in returns since 1998.

When it comes to investing in our 409k, if we wanted to keep up with the returns Fat Nixon expected us all to have, we all should have been invested in Palladium:

Meanwhile it’s getting cheaper and cheaper to kill Americans with Sugar:

Yes Tesla is at all-time highs which seems to upset more people than please…if you are one of those people (usually over 60 or thinks P/E matter), cover your eyes for this next chart:

Finally today…growth vs value is hitting levels not seen in 18 years:

I think Boeing analysts are calling Boeing a value stock by the way…

Have a great weekend.