SPAC SPAC SPAC – Chamath Palihapitiya Joins My Zoom Show ‘Investing For Profit and Joy’

I patiently waited for Chamath to clear his schedule to chat about investing, SPACs and community. It was a lot of fun and though we did not cover all the questions I had to ask, we left it open to future conversations.

Chamath (follow him here on Twitter) is a fellow Canadian that snuck over the ice wall along the Northern Border and has not looked back.

He is 11 years younger than me, and if you peruse his Wikipedia page you will discover he is a classic underachiever!

Today he runs Social Capital, not to be confused with my firm Social Leverage (named earlier).

Alex Danco has a few great stories about Chamath, his time at Social Capital and SPAC’s in his ‘Panic With Friends’ episode we did a few months back.

To the episode….

Chamath has a great sense of humor which I checked in on early and loves to talk about investing, stocks, trends, SPAC’s, technology, biotech and social community.

We covered it all in this interview including:

Being in the top of the first for SPACs as the governing logic for how to go public is broken

Community as a possible winner take all feature of investing platforms

His Stocktwits stalking

How AWS iOS and Android drove the tech innovation of the last 10 years

The coming wave of Biotech in their own AWS,iOS, Android moment

How banks are f*@ked

Thoughts on Robinhood, Etoro and retail investors.

Here is the show on YouTube. I hope you enjoy.

PS – I do apologize for my poor Zoom editing in the first 15 minutes as I forgot to click the side by side button. You do not need to watch it to get the full Chamath brain drop. It is an easy listen… so just play it in the background on your smartphone or computer.