SPAC SPAC SPAC – Supply is Coming

I wrote on Monday that it will likely be a tidal wave of supply that will kill this bull market.

Money is flowing and rates are low and there is just not enough public stock supply as prices get pushed up.

I started writing about SPACs at the beginning of this year and have not stopped. Here are the posts.

I had Alex Danco on my podcast last week and we chatted about SPACs and I will have it up on my blog tomorrow.

This short podcast with Kevin Hertz (his new SPAC called ‘One’ recently launched) does a great job of explaining the details of a modern SPAC. It is a must listen because it will explain away some of the mysteries.

I grew up in Toronto, which along with Vancouver remains the SPAC capital of the world. As conservative as Canadians are supposed to be, they take down SPACs like they are Tim Horton donuts. I grew up thinking they were all scams.

I was speaking with Micky Malka yesterday – a great fintech investor – and his firm Ribbit Capital just launched a SPAC. He said something that really opened my mind to what SPACs role in the world is right now. He explained that SPACs are like Dot Coms were to the investing world back in the 90’s. It is what you do with the .com that mattered!

2020 remains financially lit!