SPAC Week On My Blog – Social Leverage Acquisition Corp …And Not Everyone Will Have A SPAC but Roger Fradin Has One!!

I have been in Coronado the last week just trying to change up my work routine. It has been fantastic.

After writing this post I will head down the strand on my Sunday ride.

My early morning routine this week has been a coffee and pastry from Tartine on the bay side of the island.

I love my street (we have had a home on Coronado for almost 12 years) and this town. I sense this summer will be the best/busiest in Coronado’s long history. COVID has done its damage to retail and restaurants, but already new ones have popped up and I can feel the energy ready to explode.

In a new brush with fame, my neighbor of two years from Kentucky shouted out that he loved my blog/tweets. He and his family live right next door and he works at Invesco. We never talk business but he had been following me on Twitter and never connected the dots until he started listening to my podcast and put it all together from my Coronado references and riffs about Max and Rachel. The world is smaller than ever in 2021.

Ok so what is coming up on SPAC week?

Let me start by publicly announcing the Social Leverage SPAC. The ticker is $SLAC.U and the unit started trading a few weeks back.

Here is the S-1 filing which I am very proud of our team and plan. I will write the longer backstory this week on the blog because it was not some quick decision. NO it is not an easy process and NO not everyone will have a SPAC and NO this is not a fad.

The New York Times says today that ‘Anyone Who Is Anyone Has A SPAC.’ This is a terrible headline and take. Maybe I am just anyone, but this lazy reporting is maddening. The real story is ‘supply’. The ‘story’ is zero interest rates. The story is this long technology boom. The story is that IPO’s have been a crappy solution for too long. I hear so many venture capitalist pontificating about the ‘creator economy’ and ‘DTC’ (direct to consumer), well the SPAC is both part of this creator economy and a form of DTC – just financial. Our team is going ‘direct to the investors’ with our public company because we had built up a reputation and trust to do so. I would argue that the people that we compete with for the SPAC and DeSPAC have not been doing a good enough job.

But…YES there are A LOT of SPACs. I mean I have one!

I will start ‘SPAC week‘ with an interview I did with Roger Fradin who is an amazing leader. Here is Roger’s LinkedIn.

I think Roger is qualified to lead a SPAC:

I have been friends with Roger’s two sons Russ and Bill for a long time and they have been LP’s in our Social Leverage funds.

They were the ones who talked their dad into leading a SPAC.

You can listen to Roger tell the whole story in this video interview I did with him. We talk about his background and the merger story they did and follow Juniper Industrial Holdings ($JIH) on Stocktwits.

Have a great Sunday.

Tomorrow I will be on Bloomberg talking about the Social Leverage SPAC and SPACs in general and I did a long podcast with Joe Wiesenthal and Tracy Alloway on their ‘Odd Lots‘ podcast which should be out tomorrow as well.

I hope you enjoy SPAC week.

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