Speaking of Start-Ups…

With globalization, a credit crunch and the networked laptop, start-ups will continue to explode. I want to get better at recognizing great ones for investing purposes while keeping an eye open for one more great one that I can add value as a leader.

Mark Cuban has a wicked post up about his Rules for Start-ups .

I hate Mark less now that his Mavericks suck.

There has been a ‘Meme’ going on all weekend and Mark’s post is by far the best. Maybe it is becuase he has actually built a bunch of companies that it’s one of the only ones worth a read…but I digress.

My Fave points:

Don’t start a company UNLESS it is an obsession
Never hire a PR Firm.
Never Buy swag

Read the whole post .

Here are a few of my twists:

If it’s your obsession, what are the odds it’s other people’s obsessions so make sure the end goals are aligned up front so that people get excited to do what they do best towards creating a winner from your obsession.

Sales really does CURE ALL, but it can set off some other problems so be sure you are ready for sales. raise enough money so that sales can be turned on at the right time.

PR firms are useless, but they can be managed. I know Lifelock.com has been hugely successful using one. i think it’s because they know exactly what they want from their firm and PAY for that and that only. If you hire one, tell them what you want and pay them to get it done on an agreed upoin price. Otherwise the bills pile and the resentment bubbles fast.

Fred Wilson has a good post up as well as all the comments to the post .