Speculation Fever?

The world is awash in cash and time. It’s an interesting cocktail that has been brewing with the proliferation of money printing and smartphones. It makes sense to me that speculation would run rampant.

My wife and I just made an offer on a home on Coronado. We were one of SIX. The counter came back at 10 percent above the offering price. Coronado is a fantastic place but yeesh. Not for me to chase like that.

My daughter Rachel is up $20 points in Shake Shack ($shak) the last few weeks….she won’t sell because she does not want to pay the taxes (ok I made the taxes part up). The exciting news is it is free to sell on Robinhood.

I am actually going to Beijing for the first time. While there I might actually daytrade. Why? Because everyone else is!:

I am hearing from Biotech know it alls. It hit a fever pitch the last few weeks on Stocktwits based on messaging and my scanning of ticker volume and small cap biotech stocks. Sixty Minutes and Vice have now had ‘we will cure cancer’ features in the last 30 days.

My own stock accounts have been chopped soup, but many trend followers I follow are getting punched hard.

There is no one signal that works in timing the markets, but I don’t like the overall action and am being more cautious. It could pass very quickly as it has the last 6 years.

Just posting some thoughts and looking for more clues.

So much to still be optimistic about in the markets.

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  1. pointsnfigures says:

    My gut tells me to just shut my brain up and sell strangles, collect premium. My memory tells me to think about 1987 when anyone that was short premium in anything was carried out in a body bag. So hard to know when the merry go round will stop.

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