Speculation Is Entertainment Continued…and Thank God It’s Friday

Thanks God it’s Friday. I pushed it hard this week.

If you don’t believe me ask Don Nitti who now works with me on all things Social Leverage:

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Ritholtz Wealth offices to do a video/podcast with Josh and Michael Batnick two of my favorite people with a very popular YouTube channel. You can listen here. It should go live today on YouTube. My friend Alex Tarhini was in town visiting from London so it was nice to see him as well:

After the podcast, Josh and team had organized a 60th surprise birthday party for Barry and we feasted and laughed a lot:

My view of the Hudson River this morning for breakfast and writing does not suck:

This weekend I plan to walk the streets of SOHO to get a feel for the trends in fashion and culture. The collaboration economy as it relates to fashion is in full force. Don took me by the Kith SOHO store this week and though I had heard of the brand I never really understood the strategy. It was fun. I spent some money too. As has been happening all week, I was approached by a podcast ‘fan’ who heard me talking to Don and one of the salespersons about of course …a ‘Larry David’ limited run shirt. Sy Gray has helped his sister build ‘The Honey Pot‘:

Lats but not least, Friday had some entertaining speculation.

I was walking with Don after our first morning meeting and he was yelling out stock tickers of interest and of all things, the Trump SPAC started to trend. It was $18 when Don laughed and mentioned it to me, already up $8. He started making calls and explained to me that by the time the stock opened today it would trade north of $50 because of the news cycle and the lunacy of ‘The Meme Economy’ which is so near and dear to my heart. For fun, I bought 200 shares on Robinhood and by the close had sold most of it in the 40’s. Sure enough the stock is trading in the 80’s this morning and I will sell my last few shares…

Speculation is entertainment indeed! I have some Kith spending money.

Sadly, the actual SPAC itself is just a bad joke in a long line of bad financial jokes that are part of the ‘speculation is entertainment’ markets environment of 2021. Matt Levine’s take was the funniest, the truthiest and the best.